Leviathan Sink Tip

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Leviathan Sink Tip

RIO’s Leviathan lines have been specifically designed for the largest of tropical species. Each line features a powerful front taper to cast the biggest of flies, and a short, heavy head to load blue water rods. The 400gr and 475gr lines are built on a tough, ultra strong core in excess of 50lbs, while the 550gr is built on a 70lb core that will easily battle large fish, and resist being cut on coral and rock structures. A hard, tropical coating prevents the line from wilting in the heat.

Product Options

Code Unit Line Size Line Length Colour
RIO104 1 x Unit 200gr 30.5m Black/Gray
RIO105 1 x Unit 300gr 30.5m Black/Gray
RIO290 1 x Unit 400gr 30.5m Black/Gray
RIO291 1 x Unit 500gr 30.5m Black/Gray
RIO292 1 x Unit 600gr 30.5m Black/Gray




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