Supa Snap Trace

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Supa Snap Trace

Each Supa Snap Trace Wire pack has 6 individual wire traces, each with a Crosslock Snap and Rolling swivel. This black nylon-coated 7-strand stainless steel wire is sealed from water, increasing the lifespan of the line and providing additional protection against sharp-teethed fish. The strong rolling swivel on Halco Supa Snap Traces can easily be attached to either monofilament or braid line. The Crosslock Snap is ideal for rapid lure change, eliminating the need to spend valuable time tying new knots, and increasing your chance of hooking up. Halco Supa Snap Traces are flexible yet super strong, handling any trolling speed. Don’t lose your lures to a shark or mackerel!

Product Options

Code Unit Size (inch) Weight (lb)
9480 1 x Unit 11 20
9481 1 x Unit 11 30
9482 1 x Unit 11 40
9483 1 x Unit 11 60
9484 1 x Unit 20 20
9485 1 x Unit 20 30
9486 1 x Unit 20 40
9487 1 x Unit 20 60
9488 1 x Unit 20 80
9489 1 x Unit 20 100




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